Qunda Universal A/C Remote 1000 in 1 User Manual

Scanned User Manual

remoteI bought one of these univeral air-conditioner remote controls on ebay, and a year later I couldn’t find the manual. I searched online and it wasn’t on the manufacturer’s webpage or anywhere else. Eventually I found my copy of the user manual and the code to enter for my Samsung air conditioner. So I scanned in the user manual and the extra pages and have uploaded it here in case I ever need to find it again, and in case there are other people out there in the same situation.

Hope this helps.

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17 thoughts on “Qunda Universal A/C Remote 1000 in 1 User Manual”

  1. Depois de muita tentativa, conseguimos encontrar o Código dp ar condicionado Consul que é 113

    1. Google Translate (Portuguese): “After much effort, we find the Consul air conditioning dp code that is 113”

      Desculpe que era tão difícil encontrar (Sorry it was so hard to find)

    1. Thanks! I do write a lot of my own code, but not for this site – this site is just wordpress.

  2. i have a daikin aircon inverter and no remote may u pls help with advice. Model number is FXTD25DVMA and cannot use it without remote

    1. Hi!

      Sorry, I don’t sell this – I bought one and lost the manual. I couldn’t find this manual anywhere online so when I found my paper copy again, knowing I would loose it again soon I scanned it and put it online.

    1. When I use this remote on our air-conditioner the mode button cycles through different modes – like fan only, cool, dehumidify, heat, etc. Hope that helps.

  3. Dose anyone know how to get it to turn to heat. Done the iHeat but it is still pushing out cold are even we have turned the temperature up to 30. Any help would be great

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