Best Accounting Software for Sole Traders and Small Businesses in Australia

Simple – it’s Xero. I have helped many Australian Sole Traders and Small Business owners set up their accounting software over the last 20 years, and thanks to my background in finance, I am often asked which program is the best? Up to a few years ago, it was MYOB over Quickbooks. But no longer. These days I recommend Xero. MYOB was great in its time, but it has been left behind by a new generation of cloud based apps, and Xero is the pick.

Cloud applications mean any device, any time, anywhere. This has enormous benefits for sole traders, especially anyone who isn’t behind a desk all day long. You can shoot off an invoice from a tablet (or a phone) while in the field, and receive payment immediately. You can catch up with bookkeeping on the train or from home in the evening.

And while no cloud app security is ever perfect, Xero is pretty good.

I write cloud apps, and I see first hand how they change the way people do business. In the past there was a computer hiding out the back of an office, and a pile of paperwork to be processed. Cloud apps means laptops and tablets when you are customer facing, and immediate results. When your whole business is online, it means when a computer dies, there’s no complicated software to reinstall – you just grab any device, connect to the internet – and you’re off.

Xero have a free trial so you can experiment first – give it a go.

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