Findthingy is a bunch of random stuff – things I wanted to find, interesting and amusing stuff, and a few opinionated opinions from a guy who has been telling people to switch it off and back on again for 20 years.

Why? As a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, programmer, 3D printer and company owner, I have to fix a lot of problems. Often it’s the same problem over and over again. And I got sick of googling to only find click bait sites or half fixes or lots of diagrams and tables comparing dozens of options. I’m over all that. Just make it work already! And that’s the approach I’m trying to use here. I’ll try to get straight to making it work. These are just my opions though. So when I get it wrong please let me know – I’m more than happy to update my articles and improve the quality of the collective hive mind of the interwebs.

Other things make it to this site because I had to pour through tons of pages and forums to find a definitive answer, so to save others (and myself) the effort I have collected things here as a quick find resource. I figure if I have asked the question, there’s a good chance someone else wants to know too.

And finally I put some things here because I liked them, and I probably want to come back to read or watch them again sometime.

As with any info on the web, it’s out of date as soon as it’s published, and could very well be completely wrong 🙂 In case it does happen to be right, I hope it benefits you too.


Daniel Bingham
Brisbane, Australia

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