Clean Intuitive HTML5 CSS3 Buttons – Create clean buttons for free! Clean Buttons have 3 distinct types Primary Buttons move things forward. Like Start, Save, Buy, Add to Cart, Download, etc. The color of this button should draw the eye and reward clicking. Secondary Buttons either cancel the current action or are added extras. Like a cancel button or settings button. … Read more

.htaccess Block Directory Listing Specifying Home Page and Custom Error Pages

.htaccess is your friend Using .htaccess to block directory listings, specify a home page and do custom error handling are all explained below. If you’d like some background on .htaccess or see examples of the rewrite rule: Overview of .htaccess Rewrite Rule with examples and cheat sheet Block Directory Listing Decent web hosts have this … Read more

.htaccess Overview

What is .htaccess? .htaccess is a file in the root folder of your www (or publichtml) folder on your web server. It’s a configuration file for your web server (usually Apache) with information on redirects and some security settings.   That’s a weird file name? Yep. It is not htaccess.txt, it is simply .htaccess It … Read more