How to Stay Safe From Scams

If I had followed my own advice, I would not have been scammed. Here’s what I advise businesses and home users to do to stay safe from scams: Interrogate Inbound. Emails Evil. Activate Antivirus. Powerful Passwords. Suitable Security. Preventative Procedures. Careful Companies. Begin Backups.   Interrogate Inbound Treat everything inbound as a scam until proven … Read more

How to Move AUSkey (ATO and myGov) From One PC to Another

Use MyGovID Instead After 27 March 2020, you can’t use AUSkey to access ATO services. You need to use MyGovID instead. See the ATO website for further information: Previous Information I will leave this here in case there is any reason it may be helpful in the future, or in case the ATO allows … Read more

Fix Windows 10 No Internet Problem though Wifi or Cable Connected with Auto IP Address

The Problem: Windows 10 PC (probably upgraded from Windows 7 or 8) Network is connected (Wifi or Cat5) Yellow exclamation mark on network icon saying internet is not connected Attempting to do a network repair fails Wifi or Ethernet adapter has an autoconfig IP address ¬†(169.x.x.x) ipconfig/release then ipconfig/renew results in “File Not Found” The … Read more