Canon Pixma MG6150 Network Scanning Issue Windows 10 PC

The Problem:

  • Printer won’t scan across the network.
  • Printer error says “Set the computer to scan” when you try to scan from the printer.
  • Canon Pixma MG6150 (or other MG Series Printers with network scan).
  • Windows 10PC (new or reinstalled).
  • Printer has scanned in the past over the network, whether cat5 or Wifi.


The Solution:

  • Download latest drivers from Canon – MP Navigator EX and Canon MP Driver (the description will say it includes the IJ Network tool).
  • Install MP Driver. and MP Navigator EX software.
  • Find Canon IJ Network Utilities and run Canon IJ Network Scan Utility. Right click on tray icon – Settings, and select the printer.
  • Open windows firewall and add an exception and add the Canon IJ Network Scan Utility (Browse to Program Files (x86), Canon etc.).
  • Open MP Navigator EX software and find settings and select folder for network scans, etc.
  • On the Canon printer, go to system settings, and reset settings. This is the crucial step. This will not delete your IP address, but it will reset your scanner settings (it doesn’t say scanner settings – just settings – so it probably nukes any other customised settings too). Even if you format reinstall your PC with the same name, the printer won’t recognise it, so reset the settings!
  • On the printer tap scan, document, and select the PC.
  • Done!


Why is it so hard? Because it is software produced by a printer company. I reckon printer software (especially scanner software) is at least 10-15 years behind the rest of the IT world. It’s not like Canon is a tiny company with no money – they just don’t seem to care. Other printer manufacturers are no better. It would be nice if they put some effort into software instead of flip up touch screens so that people can install network scanning without needing a degree in engineering. OK – rant over for now. So Canon’s software is terrible. Not intuitive, multiple downloads to get things to work, a bun fight with firewalls, IP address settings, and so on. But once set it does seem to work OK. As long as the PC is logged in. And you don’t change anything 🙂

Have fun!


2 thoughts on “Canon Pixma MG6150 Network Scanning Issue Windows 10 PC”

  1. Thanks!
    I first thought the resolution was to connect the printer (only once) with USB
    but with this setup instruction it works without it.
    I own the printer since 2010 and love the scanner (printing is nice but have wasted 100 catrigdes on inkt for cleaning only to find out much later you clean the printing block with warm water!)
    I have two new laptops in the house (Windows 10) and I was not able to find them from the printer menu
    And now it works!
    ps: for me the reset system settings was not necessary (didn do it and printer can find all my laptops).


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