Dynabreeze 450mm Wall Fan Manual Mounting Template Diagram

So, bought this industrial strength fan at Bunnings, and noticed dozens of comments that the mounting diagram is not to scale. So I have sorted that out. I scanned it in, enlarged it to the correct dimensions, and created a PDF of the diagram.

A4 Paper Template

This template is designed for A4 size paper (not Letter). When you print it, make sure you set the scaling to 100% or “Actual Size” or “Full Size” and do NOT scale it to fit the page or anything like that.

Click here to download the Dynabreeze 450mm Wall Fan Mounting Template


And in case you can’t find the manual, click here to download the Dynabreese 450mm Wall Fan Original Manual (with not to scale diagram)

So what is the fan like?

Bunnings use these fans themselves, so they must last OK. It’s very solid. All metal. It makes a bit of noise, but perfectly acceptable for a back deck or a shed. And it is quite powerful. I do recommend this fan, and it is much easier to install with the corrected template 🙂


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