QLD Drivers License Practical Test Transport Department Checklist Form

Here is the checklist form used by the Department of Transport and Main Roads for the Queensland Drivers License practical driving test as of September 2020. This is the test you need to pass to get your P plates (Provisional). I have removed the information relating to the person who sat the test.

Queensland Government Driving Assessment Report (Car and Heavy Vehicle)

In order to get your driver’s license in Queensland you need to first apply for a learner’s permit, which involves a written (online) test, and then after 12months and 100 hours logged of driving under the supervision of a open license holder, you can apply for your P’s or Provisional license, which allows you to drive without a supervisor. In order to get your P’s you need to pass a practical driving test, which you can take in your own car or a driving school’s car (own car is a lot cheaper as you don’t need to pay the driving school for the time to use their car). You need to book in the driving test, and the wait can be several weeks.

In the practical test a driving examiner from QLD Transport will supervise your driving, telling you where to go and asking you to perform some manoeuvres. The manoeuvres you may be asked to do are shown in the practical driving test form above.

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