Aqua Systems Electronic Digital Tap Timer Instruction Manual

So I bought an Aqua Systems Electronic Digital Tap Timer at Bunnings in Brisbane (Australia). Here’s the link to the item. The main advantage of digital tap timers over the manual ones is that you can set a watering schedule lasting a week, instead of a daily schedule. I wanted my pot plants watered twice in a week for 20 minutes, not every day, and that’s where a digital tap timer comes in. Just a note: the Bunnings blurb says The timer also has a manual ON – OFF watering feature and also a Rain OFF function which will pause the program during bouts of wet weather.” When I read this I thought it meant that the Rain OFF function automatically stops watering if it is raining. It doesn’t. You need to go to the unit and press the OFF button.

Quick review of the Aqua Systems Digital Tap Timer: Despite being the cheapest digital tap timer at Bunnings it worked brilliantly – easy to set up, easy to install, and most importantly it works – all my pot plants survived the ridiculously hot 2017 summer when we went away for a week thanks to this tap timer. On the downside, you need to unscrew the hazy cover to adjust anything, so it’s a pain to make adjustments, and once the cover is off the battery is right there and it looks rather not waterproof, so I fear you could destroy it just trying to stop a watering cycle. The more expensive ones have buttons that you can access without unscrewing. But if you want a cheap, once a year use, week long programmable timer, this is great. If you want something you will leave in place and can modify often (or pause when it rains), look to the more expensive ones.

Owner’s Manual: Well, as usual, I misplaced the owner’s manual – it is just one sheet of paper folded up to the size of a business card, so it is easy to lose (that’s my excuse anyway). I searched online for instructions on how to set the timer but could not find them. So when I finally found the paper instruction manual again I scanned it in. Below is a copy of the instructions. Sorry the quality isn’t great. The instructions are printed in black and white on cheap (greyish) paper, and are a bit small, so I have enlarged them as well.


How to Set the Aqua Systems Digital Tap Timer




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61 thoughts on “Aqua Systems Electronic Digital Tap Timer Instruction Manual”

  1. Hi Daniel

    Bought mine a few months ago, and love it !!! I have 19mm black poly pipe for the micro watering system for my front and back yards, it seems to work good until I added 3 raised garden beds, connected one bed the first day and 6 micro sprays worked great, connected the next 2 raised beds and the micro sprinkers just tend to drip out rather than spray. I am wondering is it possible to calibrate the unit to allow more flow ? Checked filter, no obstruction, took unit off and compaired the difference in flow, it seems slower going through the unit. Tried to find manufacturer or distributer, but only Bunnings ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Carlos

  2. Thanks for this – like everyone else, it seems, I’ve lost my instructions. Your post is exactly what I was looking for. Mega thanks again!
    Angus T
    Gold Coast, QLD

  3. Hi guys,

    I’ve purchased this last week and I’m so far unable to connect it to my external tap even with the Universal tap adaptor that was provided.

    I’m not sure what’s wrong. The hose adaptors fit perfectly onto my taps, but the one that came with this just does not fit and if I somehow do manage to screw it in, it leaks.

    It’s quite frustrating since I am doing this manually now inspite of paying $36 for this from Bunnings.


  4. I have two of these running for the summer season without any trouble. Easy to set and works well. One however now started to leak ie not closing fully and can’t find the receipt. Taking it back to Bunnings to see if they will swap

  5. Thanks Daniel,

    Am from India. My wife picked this up when she was in Australia. Lost the manual and was not able to use the timer. Your post was very very helpful. Thanks once again.

    • Ok I’m just trying to set up and meticulously followed instructions however when I turn on tap the water flows through even though the timer is set for turn on later in the day. What am I doing wrong

      • Ok I’m just trying to set up and meticulously followed instructions however when I turn on tap the water flows through even though the timer is set for turn on later in the day. What am I doing wrong

      • I have the same issue! I turned on the tap in preparation for tomorrow morning’s timer and it just starts watering even though it isn’t supposed to be. Did you figure anything out?

  6. Hi there! I just installed it today and everything went according to the manual except that the display says ALL OFF and therefore doesn’t work automatically. I don’t know how to get that off so it can work! Help pls.

  7. I have an Aqua systems TWO DIAL ELECTRONIC TIMER, when its due to water it starts a clicking noise and only stops if, A/ the batteries are removed, or B/ if the timer is removed from the tap, I have set and watched the valve revolve to open and close on manual settings but under water pressure it just clicks..any solution please ?

  8. Really grateful you posted this. Why do manufacturers print these things in 2 point text. My old eyes aren’t up to it anymore. First job when I buy anything is to look for the manual on line and you were kind enough to supply it. The manufacturers owe you one.
    Best wishes

    • HI , I only run my watering system to keep my chooks cools I chose the days when I am at work and its going to be too hot for them . how do I delete the days I have programmed previously ? thank you Julie

      • Hi Julie

        Have a look at pages 9 and 10 above. To change exiting settings, press mode, then set, and when you see each day, press either + to keep that day’s settings, or – to delete it.

        Hope this helps

  9. Gary W. I was also confused about setting OFF for schedule 2, 3, 4. You need to have the hours flashing then press – or + single times (do not hold down), keep pressing until it does a cycle and if you keep close watch it will eventually get to OFF.

    • Hi. Has any one encountered their screen (or part of it) disappearing? If so, any ideas how to recover it? I’ve changed battery, taken battery out, but can’t see the right hand side of display

  10. The instructions say to clean the internal filter every few months. Unfortunately there is nowhere in the instructions either showing where the internal filter is, or how to access and clean it.
    As someone said, it seems to default to valve open if anything goes astray as has happened with mine. set for 10 minutes, then had a flood.
    Don’t know if this is because of the filter, or the electronics are stuffed. Has a full new battery, so it’s not that.

  11. Thanks Daniel, Searched for ages for my instructions then my husband found your post on the net. Just printed it out as only use in the summer and forget what to do by the next summer. Have had my tap time for 2 years (the same as pictured) and so far no trouble.

  12. Trying to delete a second start time. Can not find instructions that work.
    Page 12, Setting – Start Times, = last paragraph – (Note – to turn a start time off, press + or – when the hours are flashing) this only alters the start time.
    Any ideas.

    • Hi Gary!

      On Page 10 this might help: Press Mode until you get Start2, then press + or – while the hours are flashing. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me because pressing + or – adjusts the time. But that’s what it says – maybe have a fiddle with it when it is on Start 2.

      • Daniel, I purchased the Aqua timer from Bunnings yesterday.
        I found the, “Instructions/ manual impossible to make any sense of… I have recently had eye cataracts removed and I am finding reading some stuff ready difficult – like the instructions for this timer! Anyway thanks for posting the instructions. Also found yours and the other readers’ comments very helpful.
        Thanks everyone! Phil

  13. Thanks! I hadn’t used the timers for two years and forgot everything and no instructions. I found your scan and now i am back in business. Very timely as we will be away for two months.

      • given the narrow margin of profit for manufacture,distribution and retailing I can forgive the manufacturer for the unreadable(if over40) instructions but I am grateful Daniel THANKYOU

        • Hi had this unit for a couple of years has now it has started dripping when i hold finger over outlet it builds up pressure it is just on normal mains pressure i brought it from Bunnings would it still be under warranty?

  14. I have an Aqua systems 2 way timer, it was working well then one day when it was suppose to commence watering it just started this clicking noise, when I disconnected the batteries it stopped but started when i re-connected batteries. can you help with this problem please .

    • It’s a design flaw! I’ve had 2 fail in this fashion. The last plastic gear in reduction drive inside the housing gets to much torque from the water pressure and the shaft snaps off. This leaves the gear floating around on the snapped shaft and the motor is unable to transfer force between the gears anymore to start or stop the water (depending on when it snapped) Cheap shit plastic, but more importantly a poorly designed product! They could easily design this weak point out if they chose to, but that’s the world we live in unfortunately. Take it back, get a refund, and tell them to tell their supplier of the issue. The only thing that hurts companies is a hit to the hip pocket these days!

  15. We’ve tried twice with this item…unfortunately it continues to leak no matter how we adjust the water pressure going in. Every thing else works fine it just won’t turn off all the way after the set time has run leaving a continuous drip whilst off. We will be taking this second one back today. Very disappointing!

  16. We purchased our CO1600AS Digital timer on the 11th of November 2017. It was easy to install and program and worked well until yesterday, 15th January 2018. It would not turn on when it was called on to do so by the timer and would also not turn on manually.
    We are disappointed.

  17. Legendary. I misplaced mine too. I’m sitting downstairs in 50+ degrees waiting to see if my misting system for my parrots will kick in now. Can’t thank you enough.

  18. thanks,I had turned mine off who would have thought you needed to press off again to turn it on,its the last thing Iwould have tried

  19. 3110829 Aqua Dual Outlet Electronic Tap Timer
    Above unit is as good or better than most 2 outlet and a controller for both outlets.
    Only for all solenoid units not under warranty and for all purposes the unit is going to the rubbish bin.
    My tip ti anyone – Who switches off a timer for winter & will not work once summer starts & controller is required again. Visually the unit works on the screen but will not allow water flow. Once new batteries are fitted & still no flow. Take controller off the tap & set an air compressor to 40 – 50 psi – blow air through unit – Opposite Direction to normal water flow, symbols show water should be flowing through the outlet. Fit a trigger nozzle on air hose. Blow backwards through Controller outlet in very short time blasts until air is felt or heard from inlet tap connection. For safety, fit a tap clip-on fitting – controller outlet. A perfect seal not required & DO NOT push blower nozzle too deep or deeper than a clip on nozzle tap fitting. This will avoid damage to controller unit. Compressor pressure should be increase in small increments.

    • Thanks heaps Robert. Ingenious and detailed solution. Really appreciate you taking the time to help anyone else who may have this problem. Thanks!

  20. 3110829 Aqua Dual Outlet Electronic Tap Timer
    How do I get the manual time setting to stay less than 30 Minutes.
    I would like to set 10 minutes just to check pipeline outlet nozzles..
    Hoping you can help.
    Please do not show email address

    • Hi Robert!

      The run time can be set to less than 30 mins on the digital timer. The instructions above show as an example how to set a run time of 10 mins. Hope this helps.

  21. Hello.
    I am very disappointed with one very important element pertaining to my Aqua two dial electronic tap timer (s).
    I have had to replace my timers due to the very weak connection wires to the battery holder. I had this problem with my first timer (which I did not keep). I purchased a second timer and a third and yesterday I purchased my number 4 timer. I have a very small garden and my timers have only been used at the one location.
    I have keep 2 timers now useless and I am sure they would be able to be used if the wire conection was fixed to the battery holder. I am hopeful my new one will last longer than the others.
    Do you have any suggestions.

    • Hi Robert!

      Sounds like a real pain! I don’t have a two dial timer, so I can’t comment on it directly, but here’s a couple of ideas:

      1. Return it to Bunnings. Even if you don’t have a receipt, Aqua Systems is exclusive to Bunnings, so they should refund or replace.

      2. I have found the electronic one quite reasonable for the price. Try it instead. $34.50 at Bunnings.

      3. Try another brand. I think Aqua Systems is a Bunnings own brand – like a Home Brand. So it’s the cheapest they could make it without it being unusable. So try something made better. You get what you pay for. I bought a cheap one because I only use it once a year when we go away on holidays, so it works fine for that.

      Hope that is some help.

    • My experience with the Aqua Systems two dial electronic timer from Bunnings was that it worked flawlessly for a couple of weeks on brand new batteries and ordinary tap water connection, keeping newly seeded (and very expensive) native-grass slow-growing lawn damp during a hot period. I was happy as it was doing as I’d hoped it would.

      Then, however, it decided to turn itself on overnight with one timer failing to close its valve again, and the second timer failing to even open its value in the first place. The result in the morning was a lot of the soil and seed washed away by the lawn being flooded for several hours before detection. It now needs reseeding in large parts, so my happiness waned.

      So it is not a fail-safe unit because it defaults to an open valve situation – so I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t fully trust it to run unsupervised.

      I agree that the wiring from the batteries feels very flimsy, but this appeared to be a problem with its electronics. I tried replacing with another fresh set of batteries, and even leaving it without batteries in so as to potentially reset its electronics. The result was that both valves now keep cycling open/closed without stopping, rendering the unit non-functional.

      I am about to return it to Bunnings and look for a better quality dual timer unit that I can trust.

  22. Thank you for posting these instructions. The one I bought didn’t have the instructions in it, so without these one it would have been a nightmare to work out. Reaaly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  23. I have different model but I too have “lost instructions” darned if I can get it going was great for a while. However, on behalf of all gardeners who lose instructions, thank you

    • Hi Arzan!

      Sorry, I forgot to scan the back page, and now I can’t find the manual. I had a look, but I think I might have thrown it out after scanning.

      However, I think you are right – I believe this is only sold at Bunnings – I think it is their own brand. Bunnings try to either do their own brand, or sell things not offered at other stores – it’s how they can afford to match prices because no-one else sells the exact same thing 🙂 However on the plus side it means that even if you return something like this timer without the packaging they will often still refund or replace it because you had to have bought it from them.

  24. Thanks very much for posting these instructions. I did the same thing and lost my operating instructions, thought I’d have a hell of a time finding them on the net, but almost right away there it was….exxxxxcellent!

    • Hi Perry! Thanks so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to say something. And very glad I could help. All the best!

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