Windows 10 Can’t See Second Hard Drive

The Problem:

  • You add an additional hard drive to your Windows 10 PC.
  • You can see the hard drive in the BIOS (when you press DEL as the computer first boots up).
  • You go into “Disk Management” (Right click Windows Start Icon – Disk Management) and drive does not appear in Disk Management.
  • You go into “Device Manager” (Right click Windows Start Icon – Device Manager) and no drive there either. “Scan for hardware changes” doesn’t find it either.
  • Drive has worked before. You know the drive is good. It is plugged in OK. It seems to be powered and working. But it just won’t show up in Windows 10.


The Solution:

  • Start – Windows Administrative Tools – Windows Memory Diagnostic.
  • Click Restart Now and wait about 15 minutes.



It doesn’t make any sense at all that this should work. And yet it does. It doesn’t make any sense that the hard drive is invisible in the first place, so I guess some weird solution was always going to be on the cards, but Windows Memory Diagnostic? That’s just crazy talk. But it obviously triggers something because it works.


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