Google Apps for Business G Suite Discount Australia

PSST! You want to save 20% off Google Apps (G Suite)? Are you in Australia? Only for new G Suite customers. Sorry.

Sign up to Google Apps using this link:

Then, BEFORE you put any payment details in (you have 14 days), email me (, and I’ll reply with a code to give you 20% off for your first 12 months. Each code is unique, and I reply manually, and if I’m out of codes I need to get some more from Google, so don’t wait until it’s been 13 days – email me as soon as you have signed up – and make sure you DO NOT ENTER PAYMENT DETAILS (like a credit card) until you put in my code.

If you signed up directly with Google, I can still give you a code, but it has to be within 14 days of signing up, and before you enter any payment details (like a credit card). Email me:

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