Age of Empires Online Legendary Shop Gear and Equipment Stats Table

A simple table listing and comparing all the Legendary and Epic shop gear and equipment you can buy in the stores in Age of Empires Online.

Age of Empires Online (AOEO) lives again! It may have been cancelled by Microsoft, but thanks to Project Celeste (, you can play Age Of Empires Online again – for free.

I love playing this game. I love the fun animations, the cartoonish feel and the amazing number of missions. I also love all the gear and how you can customise your units for both appearance and gameplay and how you can tailor your units for your individual playstyle. Want tanky priests? You can.

But one of the things I struggled with was choosing the right gear. There are dozens of equipment shops spread across as many cities, and going from one to the other and trying to remember what stats your existing gear buffed, and comparing one legendary item to another was too much for my terrible memory. Early on – before level 40 – the items are fairly cheap, and there aren’t that many stores. But once you hit level 40, there’s three times the choice, and when an item can set you back over 100,000 coin (315,000 work tools anyone?), then there is reason to pause and compare stats and make sure you make the right purchase.

There is a wiki with many of the items, but I couldn’t find a decent table to look at the options side by side. So I put the items I had and the ones I could see in the stores in a table. I have included all Legendary gear, most of the Epic, and a couple of the Rare items.

You can sort the table by clicking on the column headings. Click a second time on a column heading to reverse sort.

I hope this helps other level 40 players decide what best to spend your coin on.

The Celeste Project tweaks things from time to time, so no guarantee this is accurate. Also, I typed this by hand, so please forgive any typos or errors. Some of the data is missing – I found some items in loot chests that I couldn’t find in a shop. If you see a mistake, or something I’ve missed, please comment and I’ll update it.


AOE Online Gear and Equipment Shop Comparison Stats

NameTypeRarityStoreLevelCostEffect1Effect2Effect3Negative Effect
Armoring of ArchimedesArmor PlatingLegendaryCyprus Legendary Armaments4016000Health +75.4%Crush Armor +16.3%
Arrow Proof ArmoringArmor PlatingEpicHealth +41.6%Pierce Armor +13.6%Bonus Damage Protection +7%
Athenian Champion Plate ArmoringArmor PlatingEpicAthens Basic351750Health +64.1%Bonus Damage Protection +11.6%
Council Mentors PlatingArmor PlatingEpicFarafra General403600Health +43.4%Damage +12.6%Movement Speed +3.3%
Dragonskin PlatesArmor PlatingEpicHealth +23.1%Damage +6.9%Movement Speed +1.9%
Legion Warlords ArmoringArmor PlatingLegendaryCarthage General4018000Health + 86.7%
Arrows of ActaeonArrowsLegendaryCyprus Legendary Armaments4026500Damage +9.8%Maximum Range +13%
Arrows of the ForestArrowsEpicNorthern Hold Weapon261200Damage +7.1%Maximum Range +4.5%Critical Hit Chance +2.3%
Athens Champions ArrowsArrowsEpicAthens Basic351750Damage +10.4%Health +4.2%
Cyprus Champion ArrowsArrowsEpicCyprus Equipment Store403000Damage +9.3%Critical Hit Chance +3.3%Health +3.3%
Delian Preceptors ArrowsArrowsEpicDelos General4011000Damage +7.9%Maximum Range +15.4%
Gold Tip ArrowsArrowsEpicDamage +5.1%Maximum Range +7.1%Infantry Bonus Damage +4.4%
Legion Warlords ArrowsArrowsLegendaryCarthage General4020000Damage +16.7%
Ras Golden ArrowsArrowsEpicDamage +5.3%Line of Sight +6.8%
Delian Preceptors Rams HeadBattering RamEpicDelos General402900Damage +61.6%Building Bonus Damage +22.4%Pierce Armor +12.2%
Argos Champions BowBowEpicArgos Epics30750Damage +37.8%Critical Hit Chance +2.9%Building Bonus Damage +6.9%
Bow of AmenhotepBowLegendaryCyprus Legendary Armaments4025000Damage +54.6%Critical Hit Chance +3.3%
Cyprus Champion BowBowEpicCyprus Equipment Store403500Damage +43.4%Health +9.3%
Delian Adepts BowBowRareDelos General406400Damage +30.1%Maximum Range +23.7%
Horus Sky BowBowEpicDamage +29.1%Maximum Range +4.8%Infantry Bonus Damage +5.9%
Spartan Marksman BowBowEpicSpartan Weapon361400Damage +46.2%Maximum Range +8.9%
Delian Adepts RobesCloth ArmorRareDelos General401700Health +49.6%Pierce Armor +26.5%
Legion Recruits TunicCloth ArmorRareCarthage General401200Line of Sight +6.6%Health + 56.9%
Spartan Champion TunicCloth ArmorEpicSpartan Armor26775Health +50%Movement Speed +1%
Workers ClothCloth ArmorEpicNorthern Hold Armor251300Health +43.6%Melee-Infantry Armor + 11.3%Gather Wood +3.5%
Council Accolytes BlueprintsConstruction AdditionRareFarafra General403500Build Time -11.3%
Delian Archons BlueprintsConstruction AdditionLegendaryDelos General4045000Build Time -8.3%Health +13.4%
Legion Recruits LookoutsConstruction AdditionRareCarthage General403100Line of Sight +35.8%
Council Accolytes WheelsEngineeringRareFarafra General401000Movement Speed +7.1%
Delian Adepts WheelsEngineeringRareDelos General4018000Damage +28.7%
Legion Enforcers WheelsEngineeringEpicCarthage General404400Health + 35.2%
Rugged BeamsEngineeringEpicNorthern Hold Armor20900Damage +11%Health +8.9%
Athenian Champions Fire PotFire PotEpicAthens Basic301500Damage +56.3%Ships Bonus Damage +15%
Council Overseers Fishing NetFishing NetsLegendaryFarafra General4012000Movement Speed +4.2%Gathering Food +15.1%
Delian Preceptors Fishing NetFishing NetsEpicDelos General401900Movement Speed +1.9%Gathering Food +17.4%
Legion Recruits Fishing NetFishing NetsRareCarthage General40600Maximum Range +10.4%Gathering Food +14.4%
Argos Cohort Heavy SpearHeavy SpearEpicArgos Epics35900Damage +55.3%Line of Sight +7.1%Melee-Cavalry Armor + 14.1%
Crete Cohort Heavy SpearHeavy SpearEpicCrete - Magnificent Minoan Gear402100Damage +61.6%Melee-Cavalry Armor +12.2%Cavalry Bonus Damage +22.4%
Cyprus Cohort Heavy SpearHeavy SpearEpicCyprus Equipment Store404000Damage +35.2%Health +35.2%
Delian Preceptors Heavy SpearHeavy SpearEpicDelos General403600Damage +61.6%Health +12.6%
Heavy Spear of EnkiduHeavy SpearLegendaryCyprus Legendary Armaments4022500Damage +75.4%Health +6.5%
Legion Recruits Heavy SpearHeavy SpearRareCarthage General402000Movement Speed +12.2%Melee-Cavalry Armor +26.5%
Sets War Spear of DeathHeavy SpearEpicDamage +45.9%Melee-Cavalry Armor + 9.5%Cavalry Bonus Damage +16.2%
Spartan Champion Heavy SpearHeavy SpearEpicSpartan Weapon402200Damage +72%Cavalry Bonus Damage +19.1%
Staff of AmenhotepHoly StaffLegendaryCyprus Legendary Armaments4015000Damage +59.6%Healing +84.4%
Staff of the ManyHoly StaffEpicNorthern Hold Weapon22750Cost -7.6%Damage +13%
Council Mentors JavelinJavelinEpicFarafra General402700Damage +37%Cost -3.3%
Crete Cohort JavelinJavelinEpicCrete - Magnificent Minoan Gear351310Damage +39.1%Maximum Range +17.1%
Delian Adepts JavelinJavelinRareDelos General401500Damage +45.9%
Legion Enforcers JavelinJavelinEpicCarthage General402500Damage +40.2%Maximum Range +9.3%Line of Sight +8.9%
Olypians Choice JavelinJavelinEpicDamage +33.4%Ranged Bonus Damage +8.1%Critical Hit Chance +2%
Delian Adepts HoodLaborer GearRareDelos General40175000Movement Speed +7.1%
Argos Champions Calvary ArmorLight ArmorEpicArgos Epics30750Health +48.9%Melee-Infantry Armor + 15.3%Bonus Damage Protection +8%
Athenas Golden GorgetLight ArmorEpicAthens Basic351750Health +55.3%Damage +11.6%
Cyprus Guard GorgetLight ArmorRareCyprus Equipment Store372500Health +61%
Gorget of BellerophonLight ArmorLegendaryCyprus Legendary Armaments4024000Health +75.4%Melee-Cavalry Armor + 16.3%
Spartan Champion Cavalry ArmorLight ArmorEpicSpartan Armor31950Health +57.9%Bonus Damage Protection +10.2%
Argos Guard Light SpearLight SpearEpicArgos Epics20450Damage +25.7%Melee-Cavalry Armor + 10.2%Melee-Infantry Armor + 4.2%
Crete Cohort Light SpearLight SpearEpicCrete - Magnificent Minoan Gear30910Damage +30%Health +5.8%Critical Hit Chance +5.8%
Cyprus Guard Light SpearLight SpearRareCyprus Equipment Store372750Damage +33%Movement Speed +1.8%
Spartan Champion SpearLight SpearEpicSpartan Weapon26800Damage +35.2%Cavalry Bonus Damage +10.1%
Telemachus Slaying SpearLight SpearEpicHealth +16.3%Critical Hit Chance +16.6%
Argo Guard BreastplateMedium ArmorEpicArgos Epics20450Health +35.7%Melee-Infantry Armor + 9.7%Snare Resist +35%
Argos Century CuriassMedium ArmorEpicArgos Epics25600Health +42.3%Infantry Bonus Damage +27.6%
Breastplate of EnkiduMedium ArmorLegendaryCyprus Legendary Armaments4027500Health +75.4%Snare Resist +58.2%
Crete Cohort CuirassMedium ArmorEpicCrete - Magnificent Minoan Gear402400Health +52.5%Snare Resist +84.9%Movement Speed +2.3%
Cyprus Cohort CuirassMedium ArmorEpicCyprus Equipment Store403500Health +71.6%Cost -1.4%
Delian Archons CuirassMedium ArmorLegendaryDelos General4028000Health +86.7%
Legion Enforcers BreastplateMedium ArmorEpicCarthage General403900Health + 61.6%Bonus Damage Protection +14.9%Snare Resist +44.4%
Spartan Champion CuirassMedium ArmorEpicSpartan Armor361275Health +65.7%Bonus Damage Protection +11.5%
Atens Blessed Camel BardingMerchant GearEpicSnare Resist +38.9%Melee-Cavalry Armor + 15.5%Trade +12.4%
Council Mentors Merchant LogMerchant GearEpicFarafra General402200Health +7.5%Movement Speed +1.4%Trade +15.6%
Delian Adepts Merchant LogMerchant GearRareDelos General401700Movement Speed +1.4%Trade +14.4%
Legion Recruits Oil FlaskOil PotRareCarthage General40850Damage +42.2%Movement Speed +4.2%
Athenian Champions Rams HeadRam HeadEpicAthens Basic351750Damage +64.1%Health +5.8%
Legion Enforcers Ram HeadRam HeadEpicCarthage General402300Damage +61.6%Cost -3.2%
Council Overseers WallsReinforced ConstructionLegendaryFarafra General4027000Health +86.7%
Delian Adepts Wall BracesReinforced ConstructionRareDelos General401900Health +65.2%
Heavy WallsReinforced ConstructionEpicNorthern Hold Armor21800Health +48.2%
Legion Recruits FortificationsReinforced ConstructionRareCarthage General401400Health + 42.2%Damage +16.1%
Council Overseers TalismanReligiousLegendaryFarafra General4024000Health +36.4%
Legion Recruits SandalsReligiousRareCarthage General4012000Melee-Infantry Armor +71.5%
Argos Cohort ShieldShieldEpicArgos Epics35900Health +7.1%Melee-Infantry Armor + 12.5%Snare Resist +18.8%
Crete Cohort ShieldShieldEpicCrete - Magnificent Minoan Gear351200Health +5.8%Pierce Armor +10.4%Damage +4.2%
Shield of BellerophonShieldLegendaryCyprus Legendary Armaments4016000Health +7.9%Melee-Cavalry Armor + 14%Snare Resist +21.4%
Spartan Champion ShieldShieldEpicSpartan Armor402100Health +7.9%Damage +7.9%
Council Accolytes SailsShip AccessoryRareFarafra General402200Movement Speed +7.1%
Seaworthy SailsShip AccessoryEpicMovement Speed +4.8%
Agememnon's GrievesSoldiers GearEpicMovement Speed + 7.4%
Cyprus Guard GrievesSoldiers GearRareCyprus Equipment Store372250Health +21.5%Movement Speed -25.2%
Grieves of EnkiduSoldiers GearLegendaryCyprus Legendary Armaments4027500Health +29.8%Movement Speed -29.8%
Legion Warlords GrievesSoldiers GearLegendaryCarthage General40175000Health + 18.4%
Argos Sentry BladeSwordEpicArgos Epics25600Damage +30.4%Health +6.9%
Delian Adepts SwordSwordRareDelos General401600Damage +45.9%
Gladius of BellerophonSwordLegendaryCyprus Legendary Armaments4022000Damage +54.6%Critical Hit Chance +3.3%
Golden Falcon XiphosSwordEpicDamage +33.7%Health +8.1%
Spartan Champions BladeSwordEpicSpartan Weapon31920Damage +40%Infantry Armor +9.7%
Arm of the NorthThrowing ArmEpicNorthern Hold Weapon21800Damage +26.7%Critical Hit Chance +2.5%Maximum Range +7.1%
Athenian Champions Seige ArmThrowing ArmEpicAthens Basic301500Damage +39.6%Building Bonus Damage +11.3%
Pans Frightening ArmThrowing ArmEpicDamage +37.9%Critical Hit Chance +3.2%Maximum Range +9.6%
Council Mentors HammerVillager ToolEpicFarafra General403650Damage +5.1%Gather Food, Wood, Gold +15.6%Gather Stone +7.5%
Delian Archons HammerWork ToolsLegendaryDelos General40315000Gather Food, Wood, Gold, Stone +18.8%Building Construction Speed +19.5%
Handcrafted ToolsWork ToolsEpicNorthern Hold Weapon241100Gather Food, Wood +6.7%Gather Gold, Stone +8.7%
Legion Recruits HammerWork ToolsRareCarthage General405500Gather Food +5.2%Gather Wood, Gold, Stone +14.4%
Javelin of the SkyJavelinLegendary40Damage +44.6%Health +9.8%

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