Hisense 120L Bar Fridge Manual and Quick Review

I bought a Hisense 120L bar fridge. Manual below. In early 2018 our huge old westinghouse died, and it was kind of handy to have a second fridge downstairs, so I thought I’d try a bar fridge. As a second fridge I gambled and bought one of the cheapest out there, and it is so far going rather well. When I needed to make the fridge warmer (because by default it was almost freezing my drinks), I had a hard time locating the manual, and no luck downloading one from the manufacturer, so I scanned it, and included it below.

In case you just need to know which way around the temperature setting works: 0 = Off. 1 = cool. 6 = very very cold. 3 = factory default. 2 = good setting for cold drinks.

I bought it from the Good Guys. I’ve always preferred shopping there, and now they are owned by JB Hifi the prices are even better. Plus it’s way less chaotic, the staff are helpful, and you aren’t treated like a crook every time you exit the store.

Quick Review:

The Good: Cheap. Quiet. Cools drinks rather well. Reversible door. Practical size for a bar fridge (120 Litres is excellent. Many others are 50 or 60 – which is pretty useless). Good door storage. 3 Colour choices (white, black, stainless). 3 year warranty.

The Bad: The freezer is pointless. Doesn’t get cold enough to even freeze a loaf of bread. No interior light (most bar fridges don’t have interior lights). Energy rating was 2 stars I think? (Same as most bar fridges).

Overall, I’d buy this again. It seems common for bar fridges to have no interior light, poor energy efficiency, and useless freezer compartments (if they bother with a freezer bit at all). I really like the largish size for a bar fridge, and it still fits under the laundry bench. I think the low energy stars is due to a lack of economy of scale – so while it uses less energy than a large fridge, it is cooling a lot less volume – so it calculates out to more energy per litre of cooling than a large fridge with hundreds of litres. Still costs less to run than a big fridge, so I’m happy.



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