Manual for Suction Locking Shower Caddy Soap Holder Pump Vacuum

Below is the manual for the pump based vacuum suction cup shower caddy and soap holder that Bunnings sell  – “Fusion-Lock” brand I think, but the pump instructions are branded EVOVAC. The attachments have a one way valve and it comes with a blue / teal pump that allows you to remove some of the air from the suction cup giving it a much better hold.

The good: They stick like glue if applied to perfectly smooth clean gloss tiles.

The bad: If you don’t clean the surface very well, or if your tiles aren’t perfectly gloss smooth, then it won’t stick.

The ugly: The “stainless steel” rusts in less than 6 months.

Given they were a bit pricey, I was hoping for better quality with the stainless steel.

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