How To Stop Skype From Reducing Volume of Other Sounds In Calls With Windows 10

Fix with Step by Step Instructions

By default Skype (and other voip call programs) reduce the volume of systems sounds when you are in a voice chat. This is rather annoying when you are playing a game and chatting to friends.

Fortunately it is easy to turn off. The trick is, it isn’t a Skype setting.


Quick Instructions

Control Panel – Sounds – Communications

Select “Do Nothing”. Click OK.

This will apply on your next call or chat (not to your current voice chat or call if you are already in a chat or call)


Step By Step Instructions

Windows 10

Right click the start icon and left click on “Control Panel”


When you open the control panel, if it doesn’t look like the image below, in the top right change “View by:” to “Large icons”

Then click “Sound”

Once the sound options appear, click the tab “Communications”

Then select “Do Nothing” and click OK.


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