Installation Manual and Review for Mondella Resonance Shower Tap Set (from Bunnings)

I purchased one of these sets a few months back from Bunnings and fitted them to my shower. The manual isn’t available online, so I have scanned it and included it here. I quite like them. They have a really nice solid and quality feel about them. The ceramic half turn valves work well. The picture based instructions are great. But I have a couple of issues…

Firstly, the collar (flange) that fits over the spindle to hide it can creep outwards and recess into the actual handle (dial). Once it does this, it is impossible to remove it, or remove the dial as the collar blocks access to the grub screw. The instructions say to never use silicone, so I didn’t fix it in place, and now I have a big gap between the handle and the wall (and exposed hole in the tiles) and no obvious way of fixing it without smashing the very solid handle. If it really bugs me I’ll get a pair of angled tweezers and try to pry it back out.

My second issue is the water flow is reduced. Compared the standard taps I had previously, there is less water making it to the shower head. I only replaced the taps, not the shower head, and it is quite a noticeable reduction in water flow.

Thirdly, the taps are stiff to turn. It gives them a premium feel, but my youngest son can’t turn them, and my wife can’t when she has soap on her hands. For our other bathroom I’ll look at ones with a pin or handle instead.

Installation was fairly easy, and the instructions were pretty good. The full colour page is very helpful – if you click it you will get the full image:

Click on the above image for the full size version

6 thoughts on “Installation Manual and Review for Mondella Resonance Shower Tap Set (from Bunnings)”

  1. Hey Daniel,

    I have exactly the same problems with this tapware. Lowered pressure and tight to turn. Whilst the latter is not a big deal, I’m concerned about the flow.
    Did you manage to fix the pressure problem and if so, would you please share the instructions?
    I suspect it might be something with the construction of the valves, maybe they are designed for a low flow only, which is clearly not acceptable for shower tapware.

    • Hi Paul!
      Sorry, I couldn’t fix the pressure problem. I think you’re right – the valves are the issue. I will soon be replacing them with a ones that are easier to turn.
      All the best

  2. We got the same set as you but I didn’t install it. I’m just writing to suggest to you to change your taps to make it easier to turn on & off. I mean instead of getting the taps that turn get the ones that you pull out like a leaver sorry I don’t know the proper name for them. My wife has problems with her hands & this made it a lot easier for her to use . She doesn’t have any problems turning the shower on & of anymore I hope this helps a bit cheers.

  3. I have a mondella shower set similar to that described above and I have the same problem mentioned where the collar on one of spindles has loosened and has crept into outwards and is now under the handle. So I can’t access the grub screw to get the handle off. Did you ever find a way around this?

  4. Thanks. I got demo stock stuck to board and I think I have same problem about grub screw but I’ll get around it. Cheers

  5. I suspect the water flow is reduce because there’s a flow reduction filter installed – remove the filter and the flow will be back to normal


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