Windows 10 Rename User Folder

The Problem:

  • Windows 10 user folder is the first 5 letters of your email address (e.g. danie instead of Daniel)
  • You want to change it (because I hate being called danie)

The Solution:

This is going to take a while and a fair bit of messing about. The sooner you do this after installing Windows the better

  • Create another user account (local) on your computer.
  • Make that user an Administrator
  • Log off (don’t just switch users) and log in as the account you just created
  • Windows Exploder – Rename the folder in C:\Users (e.g. rename C:\Users\danie to C:\Users\Daniel
  • Download a registry find and replace tool (the user folder is in the registry about 100 times and regedit has no search and replace functionality)
  • Open registry find and replace tool, and make sure you put a \ on the end so you search for C:\Users\danie\ and replace with C:\Users\Daniel\ Otherwise you may overwrite any correct ones (search and replace on C:\Users\danie will rename C:\Users\Daniel into C:\Users\Daniell – which is almost as bad as danie.
  • Don’t forget the trailing \
  • Once search and replace is complete,┬áLog off and then back on again as your original account.
  • Run search and replace again – some of the keys are only accessible if you are logged on as the user. Don’t forget the trailing \ !!!!
  • Log off and back on again.
  • Set up One Drive again, plus some other programs that will get cranky too.

It would be wonderful if Microsoft allowed you to change the folder name. I have a bunch of batch files that refer to the \Daniel\ folder, as well as some virtual machines and settings that I copied back after a format re-install that had the \Daniel\ folder name. ┬áPlus the fact that I just can’t stand having “danie” as the folder name. It just bugs me too much.

Is there an easier way?

Well, yes. But you need to do a format reinstall of Windows. Next time I do a format reinstall I will simply create a local account first called Daniel and then upgrade it to a MS account. This way you get the name you want without the hassle.

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