Wireless Mini Keyboard Touchpad Manual

I wanted a small wireless keyboard to use on my media PC in the lounge room, so I bought one of these mini keyboards (with touchpad) on ebay. It cost about $10. Although the item said it was in Sydney, it took two weeks to arrive and I’m sure it came from China.

However the manual is small and hard to read, so here it is, enlarged and easier to read.

The keyboard works surprisingly well. While the keys are small, I find using them easy enough, with a decent click feedback. The touchpad is pretty good, though it mistakes a swipe as a tap sometimes. It is also rather small – so I have to remove my finger and reposition it a couple of times to go from one side of the screen to the other. But having said that, it works well enough for a media PC.

The battery lasts a while. I’ve had it for a few weeks, used for a couple of hours a day, and the battery is still going strong.

Overall, it’s best $10 I’ve spent on my media PC.

Mini Wireless Keyboard Touchpad Manual Page 1
Mini Wireless Keyboard Touchpad Manual Page 2

9 thoughts on “Wireless Mini Keyboard Touchpad Manual”

  1. My keyboard has a light flashing and now doesn’t connect to the dongle. There are three little lights below the audio control buttons and the light on the right side is flashing. Any thoughts?

    • Hi James!

      You might have already tried these ideas, but if not, I’d try the dongle in a different PC to see if it is a problem with the connection from the dongle to the PC. Also try unplug and replug the dongle (with keyboard powered off). I’ve had some strange light combinations when the charging cable is plugged in – it doesn’t seem to like running with the charging cable connected. If you have the version with removable batteries remove and reinstall batteries may help too.

      Hope this helps

  2. how about if i lose my usb dongle, it would function if i will connect it via bluetooth in my ipad?

    • The model I have (and most cheap ones) is not bluetooth – it uses the same sort of wireless frequency that wireless keyboards and mice use. So no, it won’t work without the dongle unfortunately.

  3. My keyboard button R T Y U became UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT after a while and it won’t type. How do I solve this?


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