Scam Flowchart – Am I Being Scammed?

I wrote this to help an older friend who was scammed. Those cretins are very, very good at what they do, and extremely convincing. They hone their scripts over thousands of calls until they know just what to say to convince you to let them access your computer.

So, here is my attempt at a Are You Being Scammed checklist / flowchart. (Yes, I didn’t use the correct diamonds and other boxes – they required a much smaller font to fit. I went for font readability).

This is designed for Australian users – I have used Australian Telecoms and Tax names.

My approach is very conservative. If you followed this, you would get a few false positives. But better to think a legit call is a scam (and have them prove otherwise) than think a scam call is legitimate.

Below is a link to download the PDF version (A4) for printing:

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