Clean Intuitive HTML5 CSS3 Buttons – Create clean buttons for free! Clean Buttons have 3 distinct types Primary Buttons move things forward. Like Start, Save, Buy, Add to Cart, Download, etc. The color of this button should draw the eye and reward clicking. Secondary Buttons either cancel the current action or are added extras. Like a cancel button or settings button. … Read more

Time, Cost, Quality – Pick 2

When it comes to projects – IT or building, there’s one quote I keep coming back to: “Time, Cost, Quality – Pick Two” Kevin McCloud repeated this mantra often on Grand Designs, and while he was referring to ambitious building projects, it holds true in IT as well (and much of life). If watching Kevin … Read more

Arlec Rialto Tower Fan Manual and Review

I bought an Arlec Rialto Tower Fan (ATF212) at Bunnings in Brisbane (Australia). I wish I hadn’t.  Here’s the link to the item. For summer 2017 we wanted a new fan for our bedroom. It was advertised as having “seven quiet speeds” and sleep mode and so on, so I thought it would be ideal. The … Read more

Volts Watts and Amps Conversion Calculator

Here’s a simple calculator to convert Volts, Watts and Amps. They form the power triad, or the electrician’s triangle   Volts Watts and Amps Calculator Converter   Watts = Volts x Amps   Watts = Volts x Amps Watts = Volts x Amps   |   Volts = Watts / Amps   |   Amps … Read more

Best Budget Phone of 2017 – Moto G4 Plus

Australian Price: $299 (Officeworks, Kogan) I’ve had one as my main phone for a couple of months, and I love it. If you would like a nice plus sized phone, but just can’t justify $1,000 for a Samsung or iphone, then get this phone. This isn’t a review from someone who used it for a … Read more

How to Stay Safe From Scams

If I had followed my own advice, I would not have been scammed. Here’s what I advise businesses and home users to do to stay safe from scams: Interrogate Inbound. Emails Evil. Activate Antivirus. Powerful Passwords. Suitable Security. Preventative Procedures. Careful Companies. Begin Backups.   Interrogate Inbound Treat everything inbound as a scam until proven … Read more

Mount Warning Summit Climb Hike

One of my all time favourite bushwalks. Beautiful rainforest, flowing creek, inspiring views and crisp mountain air, with a challenging climb at the end – all on a well maintained path. Read more on

How to Grow a Healthy Peace Lily

I Have a Very Happy Spath! Yes, that is a photo of my Peace Lily. No, it’s not plastic 🙂 I’m usually a brown thumb – I’ve certainly killed way more pot plants that have thrived under my care, but this one is amazing. Maybe it’s just a great specimen? I can’t take the credit … Read more

How to Move AUSkey (ATO and myGov) From One PC to Another

Use MyGovID Instead After 27 March 2020, you can’t use AUSkey to access ATO services. You need to use MyGovID instead. See the ATO website for further information: Previous Information I will leave this here in case there is any reason it may be helpful in the future, or in case the ATO allows … Read more

3D Printing ABS vs PLA Filament

Are you making a car part or a novelty item? Car part = ABS, novelty item = PLA. I print a dash latch to suit Ford Territory cars that I have sold over a thousand of (, and I only use ABS Filament. But ABS isn’t always the best choice. If you are making prototypes … Read more

5 Mistakes When Stopping Comment Spam

So you’ve got a WordPress blog, and you allow readers to comment… Welcome to comment spam hell. Doesn’t matter how small your site is, it takes no time at all for spammers to spam spam-filled comments of spammy spam spam. Honestly, who buys medicine from dodgy Russian websites anyway? Obviously enough people to warrant more … Read more

Fix Windows 10 No Internet Problem though Wifi or Cable Connected with Auto IP Address

The Problem: Windows 10 PC (probably upgraded from Windows 7 or 8) Network is connected (Wifi or Cat5) Yellow exclamation mark on network icon saying internet is not connected Attempting to do a network repair fails Wifi or Ethernet adapter has an autoconfig IP address  (169.x.x.x) ipconfig/release then ipconfig/renew results in “File Not Found” The … Read more

.htaccess Block Directory Listing Specifying Home Page and Custom Error Pages

.htaccess is your friend Using .htaccess to block directory listings, specify a home page and do custom error handling are all explained below. If you’d like some background on .htaccess or see examples of the rewrite rule: Overview of .htaccess Rewrite Rule with examples and cheat sheet Block Directory Listing Decent web hosts have this … Read more

.htaccess Overview

What is .htaccess? .htaccess is a file in the root folder of your www (or publichtml) folder on your web server. It’s a configuration file for your web server (usually Apache) with information on redirects and some security settings.   That’s a weird file name? Yep. It is not htaccess.txt, it is simply .htaccess It … Read more